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Reliable Roof Repair Services in the Gulf Coast, FL

If your roof has suffered minor damage or you need assistance with stopping a leak, our roofing repair service is what you need.


Roofing Contractor Serving Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Walton Counties

Roofing Solution

Roof Replacement

There are many reasons why you might need partial or complete replacement of your property’s roofing, ranging from aesthetic to safety reasons. Undoubtedly, the best way to determine if a roof needs replacement is to request a professional evaluation from us.

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Roof Repair

Edgewater Roofing offers exceptional residential roof repair services in the Northwest Florida Areas. As your trusted local roof repair company, we fix any wear and tear your roof has experienced, or damage caused by storms and other forces of nature.

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Roof Inspection

Edgewater Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections. Whether you own a residental home, a buisness, or a multi-family complex, we will provide a thorough assessment of your roof to identify any weaknesses or damage. We can schedule an inspection that suits your schedule and can evaluate the overall structural integrity of your roof, roofing materials, and proper ventilation while checking for mold or leaks.

When Might Your Roof Require Repairs?

Roof damage can stem from various circumstances, including weather factors, natural deterioration over time, lack of maintenance, or poor construction or installation. If your roof sustains damage, the first thing you need is an expert diagnosis to determine if your roofing qualifies for repair or requires a complete replacement.

Roof Repairs

Common Signs that Your Roof May Need Repairs

Here are some of the most common signs that your roof may need repairs:

roofing repair rotted wood

Weather can cause damage to the shingles on the roof, which can mean they need to be replaced. Shingles that are broken, smooth, or missing should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage to the roof. Damages are often caused by high winds, hail, flying debris during a storm, and simply the age of the roof. Missing granules, shingles with cracks in them, or any other signs of damage can allow water into the home, and the damage will expand over time. It’s better to have the repairs done right away rather than risk further damage.

When it rains, it pours. But, the water should all stay outside. If water drips or flows into the home whenever it rains, the roof is damaged and needs to be repaired immediately. Even tiny cracks or loose shingles can allow rain into the roof, and this damage may not be readily noticeable from the ground. Over time, the water leaking into the home can cause significant damage under the roof, attic, and walls, leading to more costly repairs. It can also lead to health issues, as it can cause mold growth within the attic and walls.

The roof should look straight when you look at it from the ground. If it looks like it’s starting to sag, there could be significant damage that must be repaired as soon as possible. Sagging rooflines can be caused by water damage, storm or wind damage, the age of the roof, and more. Over time, it’s going to get worse, and the roof could end up cracking or starting to fail. The worst-case scenario would be the roof collapsing due to the damage. An inspection can determine the reason for the sagging and the repairs needed to fix it before it becomes worse.

Looking at the roof from the ground, if you notice any mold or mildew, call the experts for a closer look. Mold or mildew can appear as darker spots on the roof. Mold and mildew not only grow where there may already be damage, but they can block parts of the roof, keeping those spots wet after it rains. This can lead to rot on the roof, which can cause significant damage over time. At the first sign of mold or mildew, it’s crucial to take care of the problem to prevent damage to the shingles.

Asphalt shingles are covered in granules that are designed to protect the rest of the shingle from the elements. Over time or because of damage, the granules can start to come off the shingles. If there are a lot of granules in the gutters, they’re coming from the roof and are a sign that it might be time to consider repairs. Without the granules, the shingles are more susceptible to damage. Replacing shingles that are missing too many granules can help protect the roof from more damage.

Paint or wallpaper that’s peeling or has stains is a sign that there’s a leak somewhere. Water tends to follow the path of least resistance, so it’s not going to flow up a wall. Stains or peeling low on the wall could indicate leaks in the home’s plumbing. Further up the wall, though, they’re a sign that the roof may be starting to leak. Even if water isn’t visibly flowing into the home during a storm, stains and peeling are a sign that there could be at least a small leak that needs to be inspected and fixed right away.




Roof Repairs

Reliable Roof Repair Services in the Gulf Coast, FL If your roof has suffered



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