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Stone Coated Roofing

The Roof Elevates Your Home Aesthetic

Stone Coated Roofing will enhance the curb appeal and value of any home while providing durability, performance, and protection that will last

Stone Coated Roofing


Choose durability, style, and strength with metal roofing systems, and provide your home with unparalleled benefits.

Metal Roof

Standing Seam

The design of the Standing Seam Metal Roof adds an elegant and modern appearance, but this roofing goes beyond aesthetics, these systems have no exposed screws, making them the most weathertight and maintenance-free systems.

Metal Roof

AG Panel

It’s made from high-quality metal that enhances its durability while adapting to various architectural styles. This makes it a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties, offering a balance between versatility and affordability.

Aluminum Roof

Ocean Guard Seamed

These beach-friendly roofing panels feature a strong aluminum core finished with premium polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin-based finishes. Corrosion and saltwater resistive, OceanGuard™ is the perfect choice for water-bound projects on or near shoreline properties.



Aesthetically Pleasing & Structurally Sound

Tile Roofing system

Roof deck protection that defends
against wind-driven rain


Leak barriers to vulnerable areas of the roof for added protection


Starter strip shingles keep shingles attached during high winds


Ridge vents help remove damaging
heat and moisture from the attic


High quality asphalt shingles for protection and appearance


High quality asphalt shingles for protection and appearance


High quality asphalt shingles for protection and appearance

Product Warranites

Metal roof in destin, fl
Stonecoat steel - Edgewater Roofing navarre
westlake roofing tile - Edgewater Roofing

Our Process

Why Choose Edgewater Roofing

Edgewater Roofing Catchall protection

Protecting Your Home With The


Before we start your project we make sure your home, landscape and decorations are protected.
We use durable and breathable nets are supported by our collapsible support poles to lean against the home, catching any loose shingles down to the ground nets, safely over landscaping, flowers, air conditioners, grandma’s fountain from Italy, etc.

You won't have to pick nails out of your garden bed for the next several months or shingle debri, anymore.


You can always count on us to be the honest roofers. It’s the main principle we’ve built our business upon.


Licensed, Insured and Manufacturer-Certified Warranty-Backed, Roofing Services


Not only do we use the highest-quality materials available, but we also ensure the best possible job is done–down to the details!


No matter the size, we complete every job with the fairness and follow-through you deserve.

Common Questions

Metal Vs. Shingles

Asphalt shingles make up as much as 80% of the roofing market in some areas; shingles have been the go-to roofing material for years. While shingles may be a low cost option there is more to consider…

Our Aluminum and Steel Panels will last for decades and are 100% recyclable after use.
Aluminum panels are typically produced from 90% or more recycled content. Steel panels usually contain at least 10% recycled content.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are produced from petroleum products and are typically 19-36% asphalt by weight. Asphalt shingles have to be torn off and replaced every 15-25 years. Approximately 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are discarded each year, with most being sent to landfills.

Especially in Florida many insurers offer discounts for metal roofing; sometimes connected with wind performance rating. Since programs will vary by insurer and location, check with your local agent.

Metal panels (particularly lighter colored paint coatings) will reflect and emit heat away, While asphalt shingles absorb and retain heat from the sun.
Although individual results may vary, several studies by the Florida Solar Energy Center indicate a reduction in cooling costs between 10 and 25%

While a shingle roof generally has a lower installed cost than a metal roof, this is really only a low “initial cost.” When considered over the life of the structure, metal roofing will often prove to be the better option. Durability alone makes this argument: if a shingle roof has to be replaced in 15-20 years while a metal roof can stand strong for 30-40+ years (some ongoing studies indicate 60 year + life spans), you will have to buy two shingle roofs instead of one metal roof.

Of course no roof can completely withstand all the force of nature. However, studies and damage reports conducted by/for FEMA, NHC/NOAA and FBC over the years consistently indicate that shingle damage from hurricanes is fairly common, while metal roofs tend to perform very well.

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